Controlling Canine Halitosis

February is such a special month for celebrations. We not only have special president's day celebrations, this is the month of joy and merriment for lovers everywhere. Not only for lovers but all those we care about. What about our pets? Actually, they get a whole month for celebration. February is known as Pet Dental Health Month and we can show our love for our pets by celebrating their oral health care. You can do that by giving your dog the gift of a long happy life through proper oral health care.

Five great ways to promote good and proper canine oral health care starting with the February Pet Dental Health Month and beyond may be to -

• Perform monthly examinations in your dog's mouth be sure there is no odor, bad breath, yellowing of the teeth, inflammation of the gums or any other abnormal signs of the onset of dental disease.

• If never before, begin now to brush your dog's teeth at least twice weekly. If your dog is not used to the process, begin by using your finger to introduce the doggy toothpaste to your dog. Find a paste your dog likes as there are various flavors available. Gradually introduce either a toothbrush or finger toothbrush with toothpaste on it. Just do a few teeth at a time so as to keep the process stress-free. Over time, buildup to a complete tooth brushing. An encouragement may be to give your dog a treat when done to ensure it is a positive experience.

• Buy your doggy a gift to celebrate National Pet Dental Month. A great gift would be your dog's favorite flavor of toothpaste and a really nice doggy toothbrush that would work best for your dog.

• During National Pet Dental Month many veterinarians have special offers and it is imperative either way for the health of your dog to get your dog professionally examined for good oral health. Aside from at-home oral health care, most dogs, especially over the age of five, should have a professional dental cleaning at least once a year.

• Provide your dog with another great gift, a gift basket of dental chews, rawhides and special chew toys that are specifically made to keep tartar and plaque from forming on those precious pearly whites.

Five simple tasks can promote a healthier life for your dog. Without proper oral health care on a regular basis, your dog is at risk of developing gingivitis and periodontal disease. With the onset of these canine dental diseases is the risk of bacteria forming within the mouth which can eventually affect other organs in the body. That can be fatal. Canine dental health and following an at-home oral care plan is literally a major part of caring for your dog. So, celebrate National Pet Dental Health Month with your dog and show him/her how much he/she means to you. You know it will be returned unconditionally because there is no truer companion and friend than the unconditional love of your dog.



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